Winter Carp Lake Maintenance

Winter Carp Lake Maintenance.

   End of Autumn early winter is the time lakes get full of leaves and winter carp lake maintenance is essential. Twigs & dead grass etc…the wind blowing and the debris loose and dying is a simple recipe for the lake bed to become choddy. Debri gathers on the surface of the water and even mid water. Now for a syndicate thats well maintained things like the sluice gate gains regular maintenance (this is the gate in which feeds excess water out to avoid overflow etc).

Now if your syndicate, like ours – is not maintained properly due to neglect. This year was down to the anglers to form a work party (myself and Mark) to clean the bad boy out.

Signs a sluice gate may need cleaning.

The signs are obvious – you will arrive to a lake thats overflowing or simply you can see the level rising with each regular visit.

winter lake maintenance

Myself and Mark turned up to our local water to find that our lake had simply overflown and broke its banks. As you can see in the image above. The stage was completely submerged – this is a clear indication it was time to clean the sluice.

 Inspecting the sluice we could see it was blocked completely. Sticks, leaves and even roots packed with mud. It was all acting like a sponge and completely blocking the sluice and preventing the excess water from the rain escaping.

 We arranged for the following week to get back to the water armed with tools and waders ready to tackle the clean out of the sluice.

winter lake maintenance in vass waders

Please Note: Shout out to Vass Waders… my waders of choice. (no they havn’t asked for that – I just love them).

Now the image above was after we had cleared some of the mess while doing our winter carp lake maintenance. You could see that the grill not even covering the hole properly and was in fact damaged. This meant that even fish may end up swimming down it should it fall loose – which is an obvious no no!

Winter Wading

Wading in and getting hands on and physical removing the crap. We completely cleared the sluice and on doing so the impact was immediate. With the water flowing fast down the sluice we completed something that would make a direct impact on our water.

We also added a smaller grill to catch smaller debris which made regular cleaning easier. A great tip for your winter carp fishing lake.

Lake maintenance in winter on the sluice gate

Above: Adding the smaller grill.

winter sluice gate maintenance

Above: Check the water floooooooowing free!

So there we have it… a quick blog about winter carp lake maintenance we carried out at our local syndicate. Maybe not exciting to some but certainly interesting I’d hope.

If your syndicate wont do it – then get together with other anglers and ensure you get the job done.

Take Part In Workparty’s

If you are part of a syndicate or indeed fish a water regular. Be sure to contact the owner and take part in maintenance for that water. Helping maintain a lake your fish should be a big part of the sport which we all enjoy and love. Looking after the carps future to ensure others coming into the sport can enjoy it for years to come.