Winter Carp Fishing

Winter Carp Fishing, A slow Start … But Its Ok!

This year winter carp fishing has been a struggle. A new water, inconsistent weather along with high air pressures have seen me have one of the quietest winters to date.

Winter carp fishing

While most people will lose their head over “blanking” for long periods of time. I accept it and don’t let it phase me. Its all about understanding the approach you have tried. Try and work out the pros and cons and whether something you have done has hindered your catch rate.

This winter I know I have been inconsistent in my approach. I decided to swap a lot of my end tackle from Fox to Korda, with this came me then wanting to try various rigs I haven’t tried before. So each water I fished, on average every two weeks. I approached them with inconsistent methods in terms of rigs and baiting tactics.

Finding Your Bait

I have also been experimenting with bait. Last year changing from Nash / sticky baits to 100% CCMoore baiting approach. Also using maggots when using a feeding approach.

So why not approach winter carp fishing as I always do?…minimal feed, a washed out single with maggots or even just maggots spodding them over the top. These methods have allowed me to be consistent in previous winters. Well to be honest I just fancied mixing it up a bit and by doing that sometimes something special surfaces! Well it hasn’t as yet and with only two winter carp under my belt I will now go into the new year turning back to my consistent approaches. By doing what I have done was a lesson in itself and by no means a fail.

#Winter Fishing Tip – Consistency!

Simply find what works in your winter carp fishing and be consistent with it and do it well…One thing I am going to keep from my changes are the bait brand I will be using.

“But you have only caught two fish so why would you stay with CCMoore?”

Well firstly – Bait is not magic! regardless of what the brands say.

If the bait has been proven and is landing fish (various social media published catches)… then I can assure you the reason you have not caught is NOT the bait!

Location, conditions and simply whether the fish are feeding is the formula of whether you catch… not if your bait is CCMoore or not!

The reason Ill be sticking to CCmoore for me is purely consistency but most of all the brand itself , I love the anglers who fish for it and also the bait itself has a smell which to me is “Carpy” and gives me confidence that if the rig is in the correct spot – it will be attractive enough to nick a bite!

Roll on 2017!