Winter Carp Fishing Tips

Winter Carp Fishing Tips | Give Yourself The Best Chance Catching Carp In Winter.

Winter frozen carp alarms

Winter tips are always welcome for every angler as it is difficult! A simple statement but ask any angler one they all know is true!

I have caught carp in all weathers, have had many good winters and also many bad! 2016/17 winter has been one of my hardest to date. I think due to the rise in the sport and a huge rise in carpers its made a difficult time to catch even more difficult.

Winter Carp Fishing Tips

I give my 5 best tips in order to give yourself the best chances to catch carp below – hopefully they will assist you in landing some chunks in the colder months.

1. If its Frozen over don’t try and fish it – your leads will just bounce on the ice. (sorry couldn’t resist a little joke 😉 )

No1 yet one of the simplest winter carp fishing tips we can give you!

2. Look for a shallower lake (Don’t confuse this with the shallows of a lake) If the fish are in a shallower lake you have a better chance of finding the feeding location – whether on the bottom or zig.

3. A low pressured lake, less bait has gone in and the carp aren’t seeing much action to hide away from and are more likely to be roaming than held up somewhere hiding from the drama.

4. A lake which has produced fish within a fortnight of visiting. Taking on a lake that hasn’t produced a fish in months is pushing the odds in the carps favour rather than yours. But if your lucky enough to land on the day it switches on then the risk could produce massive awards. My bet though is to find something already producing and leave the risk to others.

Important yet mostly ignored…less is more!

5. Less is more in terms of bait. Singles are the fashion, but singles with a PVA bag of attraction is my choice. But keep it simple! 

Do you have any winter carp fishing tips that you can share…send them into us! We will then write them up as a post and get the info put out there. Anglers especially in winter are always welcoming new assistance and help on how to catch carp.

Carp fishing in winter froze my Diawa Basia reels

Check out my Diawa Basia reel when I woke one cold, wintery and frosty morning. It was one of those mornings that you actually didn’t want a take. Crazy to think you get that feeling when you actually know your braving the weather to catch carp. The weather was that cold it simply froze everything.

The things we do to try and catch carp in the winter and then end up hoping we don’t get a take haha.

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