Targeting Carp Fish

Targeting carp fishTargeting Carp Fish for 2017.

Well 2017 is here and many of you anglers out there will be writing your target list. Unless of course you are already working your way through a master list. You need to remember to always be planning and ensuring you plan ahead. For example making carp rigs at home before you set about your mission is a massive edge and one of thee best fishing tips for carp.

This year is the first year I have decided to have a target fish with years of carp angling – why?…well Ive had the bug to catch any dam carp that I can haha.

A New Syndicate | A New Challenge Targeting Carp Fish.

I Begin a new syndicate this year it has been brought to my attention. Not only is the water very “neglected” in terms of anglers and only a couple of anglers a month fish it, but the water includes a fish that is absolutely stunning. An orange Koi Carp called – yep, Tango!

Now one of my friends is a member of this particular water in the NW. He calls it “The secret water” due to its neglect by others and not very well known by the public. He has been fortunate enough to catch this fish 4 times in two years! Targeting carp fish for him is a simple focused strategy…keep fishing the water over and over haha.

It was caught moments after I said I wanted it…

So I put this fish on my list just after xmas. It then surfaced my friend was fishing the water over new year, due to family commitments I couldn’t. The call I received on the 1st of January 2017 (after publicly a few days before on my Instagram – naming this as my target fish) blew me away!

“Jay you need to get down here – I’ve only gone and bagged tango AGAIN!”

Shocked, slowly followed by jealousy – then came anger! I couldn’t believe it!

Anyway, once it sank in over the next 30secs, I became calm and happy for my friends success – quickly told the family it was an angling emergency haha. Jumped in the car and headed to the water just 1min down the road to take pics.

Wow, The fish is absolutely pristine!

Id love to hear If any of you guys out there have experiences this – your target fish getting caught only days after deciding on it, message me your experiences as I would love to know your reaction and how you moved forward and of course if you then went on to catch it?

This has not put me off at all – and this fish has now been marked as my 2017 target fish and I will keep you all posted on how I get on!

Remember that targeting a specific fish brings with it the ultimate reward. Not only have you managed to capture a huge fish in a large water amongst other fish with a tiny hook. You have managed to capture an exact fish that you set out to capture. This brings with it the ultimate in satisfaction.