Spomb Or Spod – Which Do You Prefer?

Spomb or Spod

Spomb or Spod?

Spodding bait has been the norm for many years. Delivering bait with accuracy using a rocket shaped ‘spod’. It is filled and then once lands in the water up turns due to the buoyant nose and allows the bait to then fall onto the spot.

The accuracy of today’s spods can be fished at extreme ranges allowing spots to be baited within ft of each landed spod (the bait will fall and land on spots depending on many different factors within the water column, such as under tow etc). However dropping a spod on the spot 100 yards out will ensure much more accurate baiting than any other form of baiting and especially if you’re baiting with particle.

Spombing Bait.

Now it’s no surprise that with an item as useful as the spod, becoming an extremely important part of any carp anglers armoury. Someone then looked at the down side to this item and decided on reinventing the wheel.

Then along came the Spomb, a well thought through invention that didn’t in my opinion replace the spod. It had its own complete unique reasons as to why use the spomb in certain situations over the spod.

The spomb is a bomb shaped item which opens centrally hinged at the rear with a impact button on the nose, this means when filled and closed – the spomb is cast and on impact the front opens releasing the bait accurately with no spill before hitting the spot. It also opens below the water line due to the speed in which it travels which means birds don’t see nor get the chance to dive on your bait.


Whats the most accurate, a spomb or spod?

Now this depends, in my opinion a spod can be cast much further than a spomb which would mean at range – my weapon of choice for accuracy would be the Spod.

Which holds the most bait?

Again depending on which size of the spomb or spod you go for would depend on the amount of bait you can fill it with. If you are saying that you want to know which one will hold the most if choosing the largest – I would say the spomb as the spod needs to be filled nose heavy and to ensure clean flight on fill be a third and a spods chamber due to its shape and design, you can fill to the brim.

What are the pros and cons of both the spod and spomb?

Ok starting with the spod pro’s;

  • Accurate.
  • Great at distance.
  • easy to fill.


  • Can get spillage if you dont fill properly.
  • With the above end up with bait trails.
  • has holes in – so when fishing with particle, tape is needed.
  • requires more baiting due to the amount the spod is filled.

Spomb pro’s;

  • No bait trails.
  • Delivers bait below the water line so no birds can dive on you.
  • Accurate.


  • Can sometimes open mid air if not shut correctly (the clip cleared of bait).
  • In my opinion can’t cast as far as the spod due to size and weight.
  • Not as easy to fill as the spod (although both very easy).
  • Can sink if you don’t use the recent addition of spomb floats.