Sale Water Park Carp Fishing

Sale Water Park Carp Fishing.

  • Post Code: M33 2LX
  • Barrow: MUST
  • Facilities: Toilets (only in the day), Restaurant, Ice Cream Van (most days)

Now I have to be honest I have never personally done sale water park carp fishing. However, I have many friends that do, on a weekly basis!

I do know when I was younger it was known to be a little ruff with the odd few incidents. People woke up to no rods etc however times have most definitely changed. My friends have been fishing there for many years…over 10 in fact and can confirm they have not heard of a single incident in that time.

The lake is flanked by a large nature reserve. As you can imagine attracting all kinds of wildlife, yet can also add to the duck population in which at times can decide they want to mither you for food.

sale water park carp fishing
Cabin of the (SWAG)
sale water park carp fishing
Bivvy infront of the sports center in sale waterpark.

Easy To Find.

Located at junction 6 of the M60 this Sale gravel pit lake is a rather nice size pushing to just over 50 acres. The lake is shallow around the edge – but get 20 yards out and the lake has depths of up to 90 ft!

The swims are mostly well maintained with gravel and also some with wooden platforms make carp fishing a pleasure even in the worst of weathers. The paths around the lake and access to the pegs are solid and wide making it easy for navigating your barrow to your swim.


The other day I decided to take a trip over to the lake. I only live a stones throw away and gather some info so I could write this detailed blog giving you guys its current condition and highlighting (In my opinion) some of its pro’s and cons. I also interviewed a good friend of mine that fishes the water regular. He has had many of the most targeted carp the water holds.

Doing a lap of the lake. Not only does it cover a huge open area but also has many features from snags, islands, inlets, reeds and even lilly pads. It just looks so carpy that I may have to try and fish this place at some point very soon!


Not The Quietest Of Waters.

If you are looking to join a picturesque silent water. I would think – this is not the place for you. There are many dog walkers, general walkers, bikers & anything else you may find on public trails and parks. With the trails passing in some instances directly behind your bivvy. While that’s the out of water madness – the “in water” madness to watch out for in addition to the previous when sale water park carp fishing. Lake swimmers, Jet ski’s, canoes, kayaking, remote control boating and water-loving dogs. Are just some of the examples of what you may experience within or close to your swim.

sale water park carp fishing

Upon my visit today I could see one bivvy over the far bank opposite deckers (the restaurant situated on the 1st floor of the main water sports center building). In between us within the water there were racing remote control speed boats, canoes were venturing around and the speed boat for the guard was passing back and forth as there were natural lake swimmers lapping the lake.

“I just couldn’t help but wonder. Watching all of this within the poor guys swim. Another thought was were the carp used to this or would this cause the carp to switch off. Go and hide away from the chaos in the deepest or quietest areas of the lake until dark or at least the water action stopped?!”

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Sale Water Park Angling Group

So this group runs the fishing on sale water park… The water is a members only water with this Angling Group (SWAG).

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A good friend of mine Azeem is a Bailiff for the water/group, so who better to interview than the man himself and fire some questions at him, which I’m sure you guys would love to know the answers too.

1.What size do the carp in Sale Water Park go up to?

2.How big is the lake record?

Answer to 1 & 2; “Going off this year – 29lb mirror and a 30lb grass carp. The average I would say is 21/22lb”

3.What species of carp does the water hold?

“Commons, old mirrors – some of which over 50 years old & grass carp”.

4.Which areas of the lake tend to fish the best?

“Depends on where the fish are, the tend to follow the wind. The conditions on the say is more important and can determine what swim can be the best. Big hits are mainly on the 1st peg and the shallows where the bait goes in”.

5.Would you say this is a night water or fished just as well in the day?

“It’s a day water yet can and has produced good fish at night”.

What approach do you recommend & and do you have any tips when sale water park carp fishing?

“Make sure you have a walk round to try and find the fish. Ask other anglers on arrival about captures and also go armed with a good quality bait. I prefer to be mobile if possible because a change of winds can really produce big hits. I use a single pop up with around 15 baits around each rod”.

Interesting Features.

Now two features which arnt carpy and quite unique and fun are the stepping stones in which you have to jump over in order to cross the water at one end.

sale water park carp fishing

Another is the huge pylon you are taken under when arriving back at the carp park after doing a full lap of the lake (depending on which way you go – you may start with this).

jsale water park carp fishing