Oxford Linear Fisheries B2 & Action You Must Read.

UK PB 37.6 | “Split Tail” My Story…

4 days 3 nights and 1 fish! Oxford Linear Fisheries was the war zone.

Two years ago I set out with three friends to tackle the almighty Oxford Linear Fisheries B2.

Oxford Linear Fisheries B2

Arriving at Oxford Linear Fisheries I have never seen such a rush to gain pegs. Myself and friends drove through looking for space, and was met around every corner with anglers and buckets. Anglers ran around dropping them on pegs in order to plot a new home for the next day or two.

There was four of us in total, we were hoping to get 4 pegs in a row in order to make it a social to remember.

Finally Found Our Pegs.

Trying 3 lakes before heading over to B2 crossing everything we had to find some pegs, having travelled all the way from Manchester.

It wasn’t looking good at the first bank we hit, Then driving round the corner we were greeted with 4 pegs BOOM! We found home.

“I know finding the fish should of been a priority, however it was a lads birthday and the trip was mainly for a social at a great venue”.

Diawa Castizm
ESP Paragon Plus – these blanks made easy work of my new PB.

Going three days and two nights with not even a single bleep. Seriously the water was fishing very hard and it was so frustrating. Spodding, zigging and trying all types of rigs in order to try and nick a bite between us and nothing happened.

The Turning Point Of The Oxford Linear Fisheries Trip.

At this stage of my angling, I hadn’t settled with a bait as yet and had a bag full of all different pop ups and baits by all different companies.

It was the last night. I decided to put all 3 rods onto Sticky Baits Krill dumbbell with a plastic yellow corn topper in PVA bags of pellet cast too three various locations.

The night drew in later and it was time for bed. Hitting the sack, very frustrated and unable to get to sleep. It had felt like hours, simply lying there staring towards the top of my bivvy in the darkness. I began (weirdly) to wonder whether I needed the toilet or could hold it as it was so cold I didn’t want to leave the Bivvy.

Oxford Linear Fisheries B2
No filter – The fish that was about to cross my net that night the heavens new it was coming!

The Moment All Hell Broke Loose

The pressure built up. I decided I needed to make the race to the bush, do my business then dive bomb back into bed and rewarm the bag that would of cooled by then.

So Im stood up at the bush doing my business with the rods to the right, slightly behind me. I just finished up and as I turned round almost dream like. My right rod was screaming off.

I watched it for a split second in disbelief. Then pounced on it with speed striking into what felt like a chunk.

Striking into the fish I then began to reel in. The fight was non existent and the rod remained bent over as I reeled. A very strange take in deed and I almost wondered whether it was swimming towards me, bringing in loads of weed, it was pure confusion. Also being half asleep didn’t help.

The carp broke the surface about a meter from the bank – it was a HIPPO!

B2 linear fisheries mirror carp 37.6

Absolute chunk! The only bite between the four of us. I had gone and landed one of the biggest residents in the lake at 37lb 6oz.

What a crazy story yet one that shows you to always be prepared. Always believe that anything can happen and always remember while those rods are in there is still time!

Now to beat this PB….hmmm may not be so easy!

I came home that week with three miserable guys – did I care though! 😉