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How to start carp fishing…It started as a hobby with mates for me!

Starting carp fishing
ABOVE: The moment my hobby became an obsession. 

Being in business from a very young age, time has really been non existent as I believe when you set yourself a goal you must go all in!

After establishing my first business I decided I needed to set myself some time to do something for myself to keep me sane haha.

Many years ago now a few friends and I decided that as we used to like fishing when we were younger we would try it once again. This time focusing on carp fishing. So learning all about carp fishing was the plan.

For a couple of years it was my hobby up until the weekend of the above picture (This moment also made me realise I needed to get better at my carp fishing photography). I caught a fish that wowed me and from that moment on I new I wanted to go into carp fishing in a big way.

We visited a lake called Winterley pool, Crewe and had the best session known to Winterley until today, netting over 25 fish days before they spawned in the shallower water on peg 13. The koi carp we had out that weekend was breath taking.

The enjoyment although very lucky to have such a session was so much it ground deep into me and from that moment on Carp fishing became my obsession!

I have done well in business winning many awards and in the process motivating and inspiring many people and the satisfaction from doing so is truly unexplainable.

I decided last year I would try now to do the same in my obsession/passion and was born.

A brand which is setting out to pump content onto social platforms helping, assisting and motivating where ever possible. Teaching others all about and how to start carp fishing.

Carp Obsession as in extremely early days and I have big plans that I want to start implementing into the industry into gaps in the current market that I can see. (always have a business cap on).

Although not aiming for profit like usual business intentions, my aim now as I have said, is to build a carp profile that motivates and inspires others while being able to still carp fish personally and hopefully giving some much appreciated carp fishing tips along the way.

Im looking forward to connecting with as many anglers as possible in order to push towards the goal of this new brand.

Tight Lines.