French Carp Fishing

Do You Have A 2017 French Carp Fishing Trip Booked?

Now I know there are many of you anglers out there that are yet to travel to do some french carp fishing. On the hunt for the mega carp the country boasts that patrol their stunning scenic lakes. Many anglers will this year for the first time, pack up their spods. They fill their vans full to the brim with bait, make the largest of rigs as if they were going trawling for sharks. Then they hit the road ready for a trip of a lifetime!

lake in france

I will try and outline a few pointers here for you. Anglers looking for information and helpful advice on preparing for a France trip should find this useful.

French carp fishing

Carp Fishing Bait For France.

 Starting with this one as I get so many people contact me regarding bait. Whats the best bait to take when looking to bag a french carp?

Ok, firstly yes – the carp in France are much larger in most cases than our UK friends. With this in mind bigger boilies would be an ideal approach. However, this is not the only approach. On my last trip to France the big 22mm boilies I was using and sometimes smaller boilies. The Snowman presentation had very little impact on enticing the carp to bite. It actually turned out after much experimenting the carp which were caught by ourselves. The ones Up to 50+ lb were falling to a single popped up tiger nut with “No freebies” – YES! no freebies!

Fishing in france

Basically in a nutshell – (excuse the pun!) Im trying to tell you guys that when you see anglers firing out kilos of boilies at a time and heavily baiting up – although this can and does work in some cases ALL CASES ARE DIFFERENT!

Carp Obsession Advice:

Research – Research – Research! That my carping friends is the be all and end all, by doing your research you will know what works. What doesn’t work and also see what people haven’t tried and weigh up the risk of trying something different if its worth it.

End Tackle For Carp Fishing In France.

Size 3 hooks, 35lb line, 5oz leads – Just stop!

Show me an angler who changes their whole setup for a french carp fishing trip and ill show you either an “inexperienced angler” or a “product marketer”. This is the biggest mistake I see anglers making when going to France carp fishing. There is no need what so ever to go bigger on everything just because the fish are bigger.

Now don’t get me wrong – yes in some cases you may prefer a bigger hook or may already fish with bigger tackle in the UK. But my point is this – There is no need to change the tackle from the tackle you currently use here in the UK.

You just need to ensure that the tackle you use is as minimalist as possible yet strong enough and high quality to with stand the biggest fish in the lake. (For safety reasons) – Ive seen huge fish caught on even 12lb line.

Carp Obsession Advice:

Keep it simple – maybe get a few larger hooks. More importantly check the rules of the lake and see what there minimal requirements are as it will be this that indicates the limits of end tackle.

Carp Obsession & The 2016 French Carp Fishing Trip.

I wanted to share a small overview from my last trip in September of 2016…This hopefully will give you some in site into my experiences and give you piece of mind when thinking about your trip to France.

  • I took 30kilos of boilies – I came back with about 28kilos. (I did no research and didn’t realise that the lake was packed with Poisson chat that demolish your hook baits and boilies)
  • Changed NOTHING in my tackle at all.
  • Caught around 12 fish all over 30lb+ over 7 days. (2nd most on the lake out of 12 carpers)

Weighing a carp in france

If your booking a trip to France ensure you do your research, use good reliable tackle you have confidence in that fall within the lake rules and go and enjoy catching the absolute chunks France has to offer.