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Drayton Reservoir Facilities: Porter Loo

Pro Tips: A barrow is a MUST if fishing the far sides as the only access is from the dam wall. If fishing the dam wall you can park directly behind your swim.

Turning up to this water to find the water levels were seriously low…

“Now where do we setup…the dam wall or on the lake bed?”

This was the question that was on everybody’s mind…The dam wall was not for bivvy fishing therefore the Reservoirs lake bed was the only option.

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The water usually sits just lower than the platforms – so you can imagine the volume of water that had gone.

As there was quite a few of us on this trip we found a spot that would be suitable for all of us to bivvy up as well as give us access into the centre of the lake…we felt the fish would of been pushed here for obvious reasons.

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The lads getting stuck in regardless of the ground conditions – CARPY!

A couple of the lads had fished here many times and opted for the zig method, the advice was that bottom baits don’t really work on here purely due to the volume of fish – can push most the fish up into the upper layers.

Being the photographer for the Drayton Reservoir trip I opted for a bottom bait – purely as I could use it as a set and forget method, and capture the action of the lads zigging, in which they were sure they would be bagging up…and bag up they did!

…It was crazy!

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Setting up & getting ready to roll.

The Calm Before The Storm.

So my rods went in – using just two rods, one with a pop up rig and the other a bottom bait…I managed to nick a bite on the second night, (we did 48 hours) and another in the morning of the last day, so all in all just two fish for myself in which I was very happy with. I managed to catch and gain some amazing content so for me the weekend was a great success. To witness the amount of captures too was just amazing from the angling Drayton maverick – Jake.

Now – One of the lads (as above) “Jake Lanson” was fully pumped with this session – armed with zigs and a shed load of bait. He made a sloppy spod mix, tied his zigs to different depths and went about finding those fish. (Preparation in carp fishing is of utmost importance and you can read more about this in our ” Carp fishing preparation ” blog).

For the first couple of hours he was moving the location of the zigs and also the depths and was spodding so much he was breaking a sweat and turning a reddy brown colour. Other anglers were no doubt thinking he’s doing too much as they were watching on, but Jake new different!

He kept the spods going in until BAM! he was in!…

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Jake Lanson – A small but nice mirror caught on a zig at about 12ft depth.

He found the location, adjusted both rods to the same depths and kept the bait going in…Other anglers watched in jealousy as Jake began to rip the water apart – getting take after take, double takes – it was just carnage for the rest of the weekend.

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Lads who were meant to be fishing, but began to just assist jake with keeping the bait at his feet and netting them as they came… at one point it felt there wasn’t enough nets or landing mats due to the crazy speed in which these fish were coming. A lot of the fish were biting on the drop!

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One in the net – and one on the way in!

One of the difficulties we faced due to fishing off the lake bed was the water level into the edge where we were. There was no drop or shelf only a gradual slope out. This meant when returning the fish – at times we found that we had to release them in just enough water so there bodies wouldn’t touch the bed – we could not walk them right out as it meant being to far from our gear etc and to far to actually handle the fish we felt.

It was cool though to watch as they shot off with their backs out of the water kicking up the lake bed almost in sync. Very Carpy!

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Jack Meehan – a very keen angler, owner of UK PB Products also accompanied us on the trip.

Like me – he opted for the bottom bait rig. He had fished this many times and new using zigs it would be fish after fish. He felt the bigger ones at that point may come from the bottom so tried something different.

Again another angler who knows his stuff. Proving himself right as he bagged a couple which turned out to be the largest of the weekend.

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Jack Meehan of PB Products.

So to summarise – Drayton Reservoir is a crazy place.

We had an amazing time that weekend. I got some amazing photographs. We had great laughs and we ended up with nearly 100 carp between us – Jake getting about 85 of those!!!

Yes – I am very serious!!!

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Drayton Reservoir – It looks amazing at night with the residential lights lighting up the lake

If you are looking to get a bend in the rod – you most certainly will here.

If you have never stayed on a lake bed and have OCD – Don’t…It will drive you insane – to say we got a little muddy that weekend is an understatement.