Diawa Basia Servicing

Diawa Basia Servicing.


So I have looked and looked for videos and info on servicing reels. Lets face it your reels are the main part of your carp fishing tackle, inline with your rods.

Now I know that there are a lot of people whom carry out Basia servicing. The offer the full strip and clean etc – I just don’t believe every tiny part of the reel is 100% cleaned etc. Now it might be, however maybe its my OCD kicking in haha.

To cut a long story short I decided to do it myself.

“Your mad! the cost of those things if you balls it up!” I here you say!

My logic was simple – as long as I don’t lose the parts. I can always send it into a place to put back together and sort it out.

So one day I took the plunge and stripped it making sure to keep every part removed in the order of removal and cleaned with a tiny brush every little bit.

Diawa Basia Serving

After a full strip and clean. I purchased some ceramic grease for the bearings and some “Slug slime” which is a grease for the other metal to metal areas.

It was simple! I mean really simple!

I decided to also do a carbon washer conversion along with a line lay conversion while doing my Diawa Basia Servicing, and this also was really simple!

Diawa Basia Line Lay Conversion

My blog was simply aimed at those people thinking of whether to do it themselves, Id say if your confident then go for it – keep the parts in the order of removal, take pics on your phone at stages if needed as a memory jogger and go for it.

Im so glad I did, its saved me money and the piece of mind I now have at the true condition of my Basias is on the money!