Carp Fishing Photography

Carp Fishing Photography | Is now 100% part of Carp Fishing. Its 2017 and It goes without saying that fishing “media” is without a shadow of a doubt everywhere. That may sound a little vague so let me be a little more accurate. Social media – wow! These platforms have absolutely taken carp fishing to […]

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Winter Carp Fishing Tips

Winter Carp Fishing Tips | Give Yourself The Best Chance Catching Carp In Winter. Winter tips are always welcome for every angler as it is difficult! A simple statement but ask any angler one they all know is true! I have caught carp in all weathers, have had many good winters and also many bad! […]

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Targeting Carp Fish

Targeting Carp Fish for 2017. Well 2017 is here and many of you anglers out there will be writing your target list. Unless of course you are already working your way through a master list. You need to remember to always be planning and ensuring you plan ahead. For example making carp rigs at home […]

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Carp Fishing Videos

Have you seen our carp fishing videos on our YouTube channel? Did you know we have a YouTube channel? There are a lot of you that aren’t aware! You must go check this out – especially now for 2017. I’ve learnt so much regarding video and filming etc that the content and vids are really […]

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Winter Carp Lake Maintenance

Winter Carp Lake Maintenance.    End of Autumn early winter is the time lakes get full of leaves and winter carp lake maintenance is essential. Twigs & dead grass etc…the wind blowing and the debris loose and dying is a simple recipe for the lake bed to become choddy. Debri gathers on the surface of […]

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Winter Carp Fishing

Winter Carp Fishing, A slow Start … But Its Ok! This year winter carp fishing has been a struggle. A new water, inconsistent weather along with high air pressures have seen me have one of the quietest winters to date. While most people will lose their head over “blanking” for long periods of time. I […]

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Baitworks Product Photography

Baitworks | Product Photography. One of my favourite product photography shots using Baitworks pop ups. This shot was taken inside in a make shift photography studio, my kitchen! Baitworks bait company produce two pop ups. One called “Scent From Heaven” and the other “Scent From Hell”- if you have never had these baits then you […]

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