Carp Fishing Videos

Have you seen our carp fishing videos on our YouTube channel?

Did you know we have a YouTube channel? There are a lot of you that aren’t aware!

You must go check this out – especially now for 2017.

I’ve learnt so much regarding video and filming etc that the content and vids are really going to be amazing.

You will already see from the first video on the channel to the last – the difference in quality…

I’ve done this by:

  • Huge research into filming techniques.
  • Purchased a DSLR with rose mic.
  • Researched camera techniques.
  • Committed time and effort to improving.

The content that’s going to feature on the channel and does feature currently include:

  • My fishing diary ie: adventures
  • How to’s
  • My fishing approach
  • fishing tips

                & I much more as the ideas come.

I really wanted to keep this blog quite short and simple as it’s more of a message to make you guys who didn’t know aware that we have a Channel and to get over there and subscribe!

It really is a channel for the carp fishing obsessed by the obsessed!

Get over to YouTube – I’d appreciate the support and you guys push and motivate me to keep the content coming!

Here’s to 2017 when I will be giving you guys as much FREE content as possible!

So heres a link that will take you straight to my channel – enjoy!

The youtube channel I will try to keep updated. Please understand its done as and when I can while juggling work and family commitments. 2018 is fast approaching and we hope to do much more carp fishing videos for you guys to watch and share. Its all about helping each other and trying to promote carp fishing in the very best possible way.