Carp Fishing Preparation | Why You Must Prepare…

Carp Fishing Preparation For A Session.

Carp Fishing Preparation is so important (well it is to me anyway) and is massively underestimate by most carp anglers.

Korda Rig Safe | carp fishing preparation

“Fail to prepare prepare to fail”

So many anglers out there with the “I wait till I get there and setup with the exact conditions in mind to where I’m going to fish I will then make up my rods”. Ok to some extent I get that mind set.

What about a different mind set. What if, you did your research! (As explained in previous blogs) Made a pre-visit to the water days before your due to fish. Look around the lake and find a couple of spots that would suit any weather eventuality and condition? Now that is carp fishing preparation at its best.

You then returned home with couple of carpy photographs and notes giving you the full In-site and knowledge. Then allowing you to prepare for whatever comes your way in the comfort of your own home.

What method of angling?

Are you going to use

  •      PVA bags?
  •      Chod rigs?
  •      Spod?
  •      Fish at distance?
  •      Fish the margin spots?

All the above will not only allow you to get prepared but will also allow you to reduce your gear and only take what you need. It’s possible you may need to move to stay on the fish or find the fish. (See my previous blog on blanking when carp fishing).


So you decide to fish PVA bags as you want to ensure presentation. As well as no tangles and maybe fish for a bite at a time with minimal disturbance and bait. You can 1million% get these done at home-while in the comfort, warmth and more reason than any is that it’s bone dry! … Ever tried making a PVA bag when the rain has moved in?

Pre tied PVA balls of pellet | Carp fishing preparation


Even if you decide on pop up rigs, Wafters or bottom baits – make a few of each one at home (you can always make more on the bank should you run out or need a change) the aim of the game is to turn up to the water with rigs and rods ready to cast out – giving you maximum fishing time!

Pop up rig | Preparation for carp fishing
Above: I have a small nano fish tank in which I test the balance of my pre tied rigs to ensure the balance is correct, the hook sits cocked and the hook link is tied down to the bottom.


Bait for carp fishing preparation is a great edge. So many anglers out there using off the shelf straight from the bag, super! However why not make your approach different, giving the carp something besides the shelf life boilies there seeing more and more.

  • Why not air dry them and rehydrate them! (Will do a blog on this subject in much more detail in the near future).
  • Wash the baits out so they give the appearance of old bait should the carp be switched on to fresh looking dark baits.
  • Bait soaks in which you can tie in with the rehydration process to give added attraction above other anglers and baits.


Anything that can give your baits an edge over the next angler is far better than half the lake all using the latest mainline bait or sticky,  just because Korda or someone did a fancy vid on it last week!

Conclusion is this;

What would you rather do…

Get to the bank – spend an hour untangling old rigs from your last trip! An hour tying and balancing new ones…the rain then kicks in so the rods go down and mission get Bivvy up is in full force!

You can end up, believe it or not – getting to the bank and not actually fishing for 2-3 hours after you arrived! Come on, ask yourself – have you been there?

Then an angler turns up next to you….

He barrows up – off with his luggage bag, opens the top and out pops buzz bars on sticks with alarms already attached. Then into the ground they go in a swift pro like movement! haha

Then opens his rod bag pulls out three rods – all with leaders, tubing, lead clips etc attached with quick links attached. Opens his rig wallet, pulls out a rig with a loop on the end – hooks it onto the rod vie the quick link, Pops the lead on and out it goes!

Sticks and all 3 rods in and fishing within 10mins of arriving! Then either waits to put his Bivvy up and leaves it all on the barrow (incase he needs to move) or, erects the Bivvy at his leisure with no rush or panic while 100% fishing.

Bare in mind your still pissing about!

A fishing session really does start at home!

On your next session plan it and prepare as now you know just how important carp fishing preparation is. Then tweet me or dm me on Instagram as I want to know how much it helped?!

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