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Its 2017 and It goes without saying that fishing “media” is without a shadow of a doubt everywhere. That may sound a little vague so let me be a little more accurate.

Social media – wow! These platforms have absolutely taken carp fishing to another level. Created carp fishing stars, created carp fishing photographers all over the world. It has also brought every single part of carp fishing (amongst billions of other things) to the palm of our hands. With media absolutely exploding on all social platforms left right and centre. You have to be ahead of the game as people will no longer tolerate crap pictures, unfocused images or alike. Not only for this reason but also because you personally want to capture (excuse the pun) the moment you landed that carp and a memory of the prize.

Carp Fish Photography

With all the above being said becoming good at carp fishing photography is an absolute necessity. Should you want to ensure your images are seen and liked by most. More importantly however, you capture the moment in the best possible way.

Phone camera technology has come on so fast. You now only need your phone in order to take what looks like a nice clean, focussed professional image. The more regular anglers and those whom are more creative have now turned to DSLR professional cameras. I myself use a DSLR. Being a carp fishing brand and voice (as well as a feature carp angler in magazines) its just as important for me to take professional images than it is for me to take carp bait fishing!

Camera Gear Adds To Your Luggage.

The camera setup that now comes fishing everywhere I go is pictured below. This is now an essential part of my “tackle”. The carp industry are well on to this now and even make luggage as standard for camera equipment so you “tackle tarts” out there don’t have to have a bag that doesn’t match haha.Carp Fishing Photography

My setup comprises of a canon 80D, nd filters, lighting, mic, spare batteries, memory cards, tripod and all other bits and bobs that make for the perfect shot when out in the field carp fishing.

Im not going to lie using a DSLR is not the same as a point and shoot digital camera nor a mobile phone – yet the effects you can achieve in my opinion are far greater. If you upgrade to DSLR (which is one of the best carp fishing tips we can give you) you will then become familiar with the term “post production” and shooting in “RAW”. This basicaly means the camera takes pictures in a format that breaks the imagie down into extremely fine detail. (Not just a flat image – It has multiple data layers) So that when its uploaded to a computer later you can then use software like Lightroom to edit. You can then adjust things like the exposure, colours and so on in order to create effects that you simply can not with other point and shoots.

Fishing Photo

Sometimes Photographs Arn’t What They Seam…

So you now know that these extremely amazing looking pictures your seeing on Instagram. The ones with blurred backgrounds and quality crisp focus, with blazing colours has probably not come out from a camera like that. It has most probably been post edited in order to bring out the best in the shot. The best tip for carp fishing photography I can give you is to decide on the use for the images your taking. If for personal use then a mobile is fine. To be honest some people now use a mobile with outstanding results however, you will find most anglers/photographers will recommend a DSLR shooting in RAW.

Fishing Photography

We have written an awesome blog about how to take “self takes while fishing”. While on the bank using a camera – we strongly advise you read this. Ensure if you are alone you don’t miss that perfect shot of that fish others were not there to witness.

If you are not into your photography yet you are a carp angler. I am guessing in about another year or two – then you too will be pushed into the photography world. I feel there are so many people reading this shaking their heads. You know who you are haha. You are already looking at ways in which to take better pics – I absolutely bank on it. (excuse the pun).


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