Carp Fishing Photography | Heatley Mere

Heatley Mere | Long Exposure With Post Edit.

Carp Fishing Photography
Taken at night using Canon D600 with sigma F1.8 Art Lens

Carp fishing photography is becoming the by product of carp fishing in a huge way. If your a very keen carp angler – you no doubt will be a keen photographer. If your not yet – you will be.

Carp Fishing Photography Is The Future…

Anglers are flooding social media platforms such as instagram, twitter & facebook to name just a few, not only with carp fishing action shots but also “carpy” shots of bait, equipment nature and more.

There is something nice about having this hobby along side carp fishing. Capturing peaceful moments and the tranquility of the sport. Also the action and excitement the sport brings is and can be captured.

Be sure to check out our Youtube channel too – I do try and post a video as much as possible. However, as Im sure you can imagine – working full time as well as blogging and then trying to edit videos and photography means Im running out of hours in the day.

Photography has now become another passion – yet only for carp related subjects, nothing else really interests me. Aint you guys lucky!

The image above in post editing I used photoshop to swap the original sky (which was flat and boring) with the sky that was actually facing away from the lake with a plane passing through. A long exposure gave an amazing looking sky with plane trail.

Can you spot the mistake I noticed after I had completed it though?

Comment below if you think you know what the schoolboy error is within this image…