Blanking Carp Fishing | The Truth…

Blanking carp fishing?

Blanking carp fishing is one of the all time pet hates of any angler for the obvious reasons. It’s also the reason some anglers – however much they try. Just can’t be a Carp angler. This is due to the impatience and frustration sitting behind rods brings for them Resulting in the angler only enjoying float fishing and alike.

Strangely for me, blanking makes the hunger only greater. It sets a challenge upon myself to return and crack the code!

So why do some anglers blank and some anglers are consistently catching?

Well I’ll take you through some of the reasons in my opinion, a lot of anglers end up blanking carp fishing.

Carp Fish Location.

Now you will hear this from every angler and a top carp fishing tip – you MUST find the fish one way or another. Ok sometimes you can’t. However, you must then use other watercraft (I will do another blog on watercraft in much more detail so look out for that) skills to take an educated guess at to where those fish may be.

In my opinion there is no point casting a rod into the water in a location that shows zero evidence of fish being present. This is a good way to send yourself packing with a blank.

Blanking when carp fishing

Sitting behind static rods all day with not a bleep.

Carp move!

Now depending on the conditions, how much and how fast varies. This point ties in with the above and first point, location. If you are physically seeing fish on your spot – you can tick location off and start to look at other possible reasons as to why they won’t bite (as the following paragraphs describe). Now if you have cast to a location as the water in that area looks cloudy or you have seen bubbles etc. “evidence” fish “maybe” present or have been present, those fish may well have been present when you cast – but have now moved on!

If you have been sat for a few hours and feel you should of had something or all signs of fish in that area have stopped. It’s time to further locate the fish with watercraft skills as previously mentioned.

Blanking carp fishing


Is the rig the correct one for the Terrain below it – ie;

  • what’s on the bottom?
  • Is it presenting well?

Imagine firing a 3oz in line lead out into a lake with no checks as to what the locations surface bed is, with a 3 inch hook link. Only for it to land in 6 inches of silt and instantly dive burying itself deep into the silt. Now unless the fish decided to go diving into the silt and start “digging” you have little or no chance of getting a bite.

Rig presentation and choice is absolutely critical!

Blanking carp fishing


Companies are not “magic” as they may portray in the bait they make!

As long as the ingredients are of good quality and have trialled and tested attractors then most baits will do the job (different colours and flavours may do better than others on lakes simply due to creating impulse/investigation bites from carp) or the carp have literally become used to certain baits and labelling them as a good food source.

So my advice is to go with a bait company with a good, honest reputation and more importantly documented “factual” success. By this I mean good evidence that the bait ticks all the boxes.

Now for me it’s CCMoore – I have blanked for the past 3 sessions using CCMoore. In this case most anglers would blame the bait – but I can assure you those blanking carp fishing¬†were nothing to do with the bait itself!

Carp Fishing Pop Up

“A good angler will never blame the bait for a blank”

So there you have in my opinion the reasons why a lot of anglers end up blanking carp fishing and why you see anglers consistently catching – they have found strategic methods they have confidence in and hone there skills improving each time they go and are always prepared to move to get on the fish.

Find what works, gain confidence in it and stick to it!