Best Carp Fishing Self Takes Tips – EVER!

Carp fishing self takes like the pros.


ABOVE: This was a self take with absolutely no one to help!

Now I wanted to do a blog on doing carp fishing self takes. I have seen so many people using both the iPhone and DSLR to take self takes and cause themselves problems when the solution is so easy.

forget timers all that extra crap, the solution is simple – Video!

Now these tips I assure you will get you the perfect self takes good enough to send to any mag or post on any page you like.

 Using the iPhone to take catch pics.

Firstly, all you anglers STOP taking the pics (and vids) in portrait!

When this is then added to your computer and then uploaded to something you get the black boarder either side of the image, you know yourself this looks crap! If someone is taking a pic of you or whatever – ALL pics should be taking with the phone in landscape (sideways)…

ABOVE: How bad does that border look!

So your on your own and you set your phone up and press the timer and boom – off you pop, pick up the fish…. 3,2,1 FLIP OUT, scrunched up face and blur haha! Yes I’ve been there too – not only annoying but you now have to do it all again.

Self Take Photography


The pro tip is this- set up your phone as normal in landscape – go to video and hit record… now take your time – you have all the time in the world!

Poor water onto the fish, lift the fish and smile! Say a few words if you like as your posing – do as many positions as you like. (ensure the fish is kept wet.

When done – put the fish back FIRST and then go to your phone for the stop record button! (Make sure you press record and it’s recording with enough memory)…

  1. So you now have two things;video for your social channels or YouTube if required and also a video you can now watch
  2. Pause the screen where you want to take a pic, this will then clear from on screen info like the buttons and BAM using the screen lock and home button – screen shot that bad boy and you have your pics!

Now you can take as man as you like from all the different poses you did in a quick, efficient, safe manor!

Carp Fishing Self Takes

Using a DSLR for carp fishing self takes.

Now you boys have decided to go pro and become a carp fishing photographer!

As above you can setup the focus by putting the camera into auto focus use a remote. Position yourself in place with an item and take the pic until focus is achieved. Then flick it into manual and as long as you don’t move the camera from position (a hugely advice a tripod) the camera is ready to go and in focus.

After you catch – you then have two options…

  1. use remotes while holding the fish on a two second delay. This ensures if you have to move slightly to trigger the camera. You have two seconds too get back in position.
  2. Put the camera in video and as above work that video. I advise if you choose this method to do f.3 and above as moving into some angles going lower may cause the closer or further parts of the fish or you to become unfocused. You can however purposely create different effects once you got used to it. After the vid has been taken. Go home and using adobe photoshop screen shot the frames you want! If you don’t have photoshop. Download to YouTube / comp …. the aim is to be able to play it on your phone to again screen shot as above!


Stop pissing about and get on the video and screen shot method if your alone!!!