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Baitworks Scent from
Baitworks | Heaven above and Hell below…

One of my favourite product photography shots using Baitworks pop ups. This shot was taken inside in a make shift photography studio, my kitchen!

Baitworks bait company produce two pop ups. One called “Scent From Heaven” and the other “Scent From Hell”- if you have never had these baits then you need to definitely buy some. The smells are worlds apart not only from each other, yet also from anything else on todays bait market.

The names just gave me a very clear idea of what I could produce. If you look closely the image just makes complete sense. The image was taken using my canon D600 and sigma F1.8 Lens and was then edited in photoshop removing all dust, the odd blemish and of course adding the reflection.

Please Note: Always happy to take on any product / carp fishing photography projects for businesses – just contact me using the contact page and I will be happy to discuss further.

The Bait Company.

Baitworks an amazing company thats ran & owned by Mark Bryant. An awesome, down to earth and keen angler who’s obsession for carp has become his life. His passion for the industry certainly shows within the bait thats produced. I have used the bait both in the UK and also in France with devastating results gaining a French PB of 59lb.

Focusing on the customer and developing the relationship between the business and the end user is the focus. Only selling to the end user and not into the stores or onto shelves. This approach helps keep cost down and clients feedback positive in every way. Im yet to hear a bad word about this company or Mark and I can totally see why.

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